Honestly Confident. A guide to honesty and confidence.
Honestly Confident. A guide to honesty and confidence.

Honestly Confident. A guide to honesty and confidence.

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At 21, I wanted to be a writer, and I have been working on that dream very slowly since I was 25. Times have changed. There are blogging, vlogging, and social media influencers. My vision of being a writer was more obtainable and even scarier. I wanted to move forward with the changes by starting a blog, I have created many of them, but none had any real direction or purpose.

Now at 33, I am finally ready. I still had one problem, content. I did not think I had enough to say. One night I was arguing with my husband. He said something that instantly made me defensive. It was along the lines of “your only thing is Jesus.” It made me mad because there was more to me. He saw the offense in my face and ask, “why are you mad? It’s not a bad thing.” The words hit me like a brick. My head wouldn’t stop spinning. I have felt like I had to defend my relationship with God for most of my life instead of others supporting me in it. Religion is not the “cool” thing. At that moment, for the first time in my life, I realized it is not a bad thing. Even if my husband, friends, and everyone else on the planet believed God was terrible, I should not. My husband went on to say that I should be confident in who I am.

Now, I have a starting point for content! Thanks, Hubby!

Here we are! I have a blog!

Clueless, I found a blog that saved my life! Without The Side Blogger, I would have another dead-end blog going nowhere. So, I am excited that instead of just a blog, now I have a business, and that business needs a name.

I thought for days about what my blog name would be. I asked myself, “what do I want most?” The answer is to be honestly confident as a Christian, wife, mother, and woman. Still unsure, I kept looking for my niche, my thing. I kept thinking will I like this idea/name, weeks, months, and years from now? But God kept bringing me back to it. Once I committed to it and moved forward with being honestly confident, God opened the flood gates of ideas, and I knew that this was my name. Guiding women to becoming honestly confident is my business!

Journey with me as we become:

  • Honest and confident Christians
  • Honest and confident wives
  • Honest and confident mothers
  • Honest and confident women.


Being honest and confident is a lifelong journey, and I am not striving for perfection. Nevertheless, I do believe that overall confidence in all areas of our lives is possible.

I look forward to our journey together and pray that you find what you need and what you want here.

Welcome friends. Let us dive in!




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